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Follow Me Media offers a bespoke social media management and mentoring service. The core purpose of Follow Me Media is to help businesses and individuals understand how social media can impact their business, strategise ideas on how to utilise this platform to their advantage, and assist in managing their social media foot print.

Follow Me Media was an idea that came about to its owner Camielle in 2012. She observed the impact social media had on converting customers through the use of online influencers, and how it was changing the way businesses promote and sell their products. She wanted to understand this trend and share the knowledge with others, in particular how it can be applied in business. So she started a parenting and lifestyle blog. This taught her how to gain a community of readers by writing content people could relate to, she learnt how to utilise the various social media platforms to maximise her message, and gained experience in public relations by collaborating with brands and companies.

After a few years of exposure, learning and refining the social media medium, Follow Me Media was launched. We’re based in Sydney but work with clients all over Australia.

Follow Me Media are social media addicts who claim WiFi as one of the things we can’t live without if deserted on an island. How else could we check in and take selfies while hash tagging #islandlife?

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