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What is in social media mentoring?

Your business may already be active on social media, but you wonder why your follower numbers are not increasing, or not converting to the bottom line – sales? Follow Me Media can provide some insight into your current social media efforts, by looking at what you’re doing online and give you feedback and ideas on how to improve your reach. Social media mentoring is a service we offer to businesses and individuals who want advice and support with their social media. We work with you to review your current social media strategy and efforts, and then provide tailored advice, recommendations and tools that could help improve your online presence, while remaining aligned with your business goals. More information can be found on our social media mentoring page.

I get regular on-going business, do I need to worry about social media?

Brands and companies like Coke, Nike and McDonald’s have products that sell themselves, are they on social media? Of course they are! They have a massive community of followers across all their social media platforms. These brands understand the power of social media, and harness this influence to engage, and create loyal customers.

Like or loathe social media, businesses today need to assimilate to their tech savvy customers and should be a key consideration for any business.

Why should I outsource my social media management?

In life we ask people or specialists to do tasks for us that we’re not familiar with. Like an electrician to fix electrical wiring, or a conveyancer to help us in the process of buying a home. Social media is so much more then creating a Facebook page or Instagram account – it has evolved to be a critical area in business. Follow Me Media are specialists in the online space so we understand, we get excited and we love to talk about social media.

By letting us manage your social media, your business can start having an active presence online, while you continue to focus on your business. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business, we love what we do and we love helping businesses with their social media. More information can be found on our social media management page.

Social media isn’t a key business process or real focus in my business. Why should it be?

An active social media presence may not be a key function of your business, however you can’t ignore the power of social media and it’s impacts on how businesses operate today. Let us inform and show you how social media could be incorporated into your business process to reach new opportunities.

For example if you ran an accounting business, obviously there are occasions during the year where you could increase your business, such as end of financial year, or when there are changes to government policies and regulations, just to name a few. Follow Me Media can show you how to utilise those windows of opportunities to reach potential customers through social media.

If you have any other questions about our services or even a general question about social media, send us an email at . We love having conversations about social media and hearing what business owners have to say about the topic.

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