So I’ve decided to “niche in” my business. I decided on who I wanted to focus my attention on a while ago, so now I’m actually sharing it online.

My niche will be businesses who work or deal in the Building and Construction industry.

Why this industry? Because when I look back on my life and the things I’ve done it was always around these areas.

I was 23 when I purchased my first home. My Dad just told me I had to buy an investment property so I did it. I realised the work, effort and emotions it meant to be a homeowner, an investor early on in life.

Years later my husband and I renovated a complete home. The fibro home was built in the late ’80s and hadn’t had any upgrades or work on it since. We managed the whole project with no experience prior just will, lots of researching and hard work.

my niche

my niche

When the GFC hit and I was retrenched and I actually got my accreditation to be a Mortgage Broker, learning the lending and borrowing end to end process. I did a very short stint in a conveyancing firm and learnt all the intricacies and what goes on to complete the sale of private or commercial properties.

I’ve purchased and sold many homes over the years, buying existing homes and off the plan properties. I’ve faced and resolved issues, sorted things in the home that needed fixing, replacing, or updating. I’ve dealt with agents, bank vendors, property developers, plumbers, lawyers, home inspectors, and all the various businesses who were required to get stuff I needed to do for our homes.

And recently if you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you would know I’ve built a new house. The work involved in transforming a vacant lot of dirt into a home we’re proud of isn’t a unique experience, but my years of being a homeowner meant I was particular about what I wanted, which meant I dealt with specific businesses in this industry.

my niche

I’ve accumulated a few years of experiences, knowledge and skills from different sides of the building and construction life cycle. Now I want to share and leverage what I’ve learnt, opportunities that could be tapped into, the emotions I’ve felt, and what I know so I can help businesses create content that connects with their audience.

Speaking to business owners I’ve realised there is a gap in the marketing industry. A lot of the agencies or consultants give off a feminine, techie, on-trend vibe, whereas the business owners in the build and construction industry are predominantly male, pragmatic and conventional.

Business owners in the building and construction industry find it challenging to find the right digital marketing business to assist them. They want to preserve and build on their current reputation and not alter it too much for the sake of likes and followers. They want someone who understands their business and the demands and mindset of a business owner in this industry. They want results because that’s what they do for their  clients who hire them – they deliver on their service.

I truly believe this is where Follow Me Media strength lies in – understanding the pains of businesses in this industry and their expectations from a service like mine.


So there you have it!

Follow Me Media now focuses on businesses who deal and work in the building and construction industries. I’m excited to be focusing on this niche because I have a real interest and I have so many personal experiences to draw on. I still primarily wanting to work with businesses located north of Gold Coast because I want to support my local businesses!

So if you’re in the building and construction industry, watch this space! I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve and I can’t wait to implement them and start helping businesses in my niche.