Why outsource your social media

“Isn’t it just posting pictures online?” is usually the question I get when I suggest outsourcing their social media to a business. Like any job it’s a little more than just that. Social media, it’s very much a part of everyday life in today’s generation and as a business, you need to leverage it to market your business. So why should a business outsource it’s social media?  Here’s a few reasons why:

It’s More Than Just Being Online

Social media for business isn’t just for socialising. Using social media for marketing is different to using it for personal use. It’s the new ‘word of mouth’, and involves public relations, communications and networking. It’s results driven and an important investment for your business. Sure your business has a Facebook page, you post a few images, comment on a few things like this and that – but you may not know how to go about reaching your potential customers.

Create a Strategy

When asked, most businesses don’t really know what kind of content they want on their social media platforms. By outsourcing your social media the agency or manager should understand your business inside out, create, execute and monitor a strategic social media plan that reflects your business’ brand and goals. They should be repeating this process regularly, refining until they’ve fine tuned a formula that works for your business that drives the online results you want to achieve.

Create Content

Not all businesses are creatives. Even if you knew what kind of content you want to post online, do you know how to bring those ideas to life? Do you need help with images of your products? Do you know your way around design software? Do you need to update your website? By outsourcing your social media they will be able to help create your business branded content or find the resources to do it.

Research & Analyse

Do you wonder when your target market are online the most? Do you wonder which of your posts got the most engagement? Or maybe you’re curious how a certain business is killing it on social media? A social media agency or manager should be able to answer your social media questions. They should be able to provide some analysis and recommendations, periodically review all social media effort, observe your competitors, and be able to explain the online behaviours of your followers.

Nourish Your Community

Social media is all about connecting and communicating. Businesses that understand and nurture this concept thrive online with a community of followers who are advocates for them. People want to know there’s more to a business then the products or services they offer. They want to see business’ are genuine, accessible and human too. But with the demands of running a business you may not have the time to show your business’ personality and give love online. Outsourcing your social media ensures that someone is paying attention to your social media accounts and your audience.

It’s Time Consuming

So many business owners will allocate their social media to a team member, but you have hired them for other tasks, so social media may not be in their skill set. Social media is not as easy as it looks. There’s a lot you have to know about and keep up with – social media is 24/7. It moves at a rapid pace, it’s a lot to take in and do when you or your employees have other important jobs to do – like run your business. Planning and implementing your business’ social media strategy takes time, as does writing, posting, and monitoring progress.

Everyone Does It

All companies outsource components of their business to run their business successfully. Apple doesn’t make their hardware although people associate them with their design and and software, and Nike doesn’t own factories. They design shoes which are then assembled in other company’s factories. As your business continues to thrive and grow you’ll soon realise you can’t do everything, there’s just not enough time or resources available to get everything done. With the demands of running a business social media usually get’s pushed down the task list. Outsourcing your online presence frees you to continue doing what you do best, while a social media agency or manager does what they do best.

How’s your business’ online presence? Do you have an approach? Does it need a little work but don’t know where to start? Follow Me Media does all aspects covered in this post, so why not outsource your business’ social media to us. If you want to know more, we’d love to have a chat about your business and it’s current social media hurdles. Send us an email at hello@followmemedia.com.au