Affinity Electrical

Affinity Electrical Services is a team of licensed, registered and insured Gold Coast electricians, capable of completing all aspects of electrical and air conditioning work for domestic and commercial projects.

After many years of FIFO life, Steve, owner and director, wanted to spend more time at home with his family and wanted to try his hand at being his own boss. Using Steve’s many years of knowledge and experience as an electrician, in 2016 Affinity Electrical was born.

Affinity Electrical Gold Coast

Where is your business located and which areas do you service?

We are located on the Northern end of the Gold Coast, however service the entire Gold Coast region as well as Brisbane.  

Who are your typical clients and their typical requests/needs?

We work with domestic, commercial and industrial clients so that means each day is different. Sometimes we are installing LED down lights or fans in a home, other days we are on a cherry picker putting in high bay lights, or having a crane lift air conditioning units onto the roof of a high rise.

That’s one of the things that we love about our business. Each day has unique challenges, so it’s impossible to get bored. Right now our team are on a number of projects. One team member is fitting out a new home build, another is running pool power and another is installing power for a factory in Brisbane.

What made you decide to set up accounts on Facebook and Instagram? 

Affinity Electrical Gold Coast

We knew that being active on social media was absolutely essential in today’s market. We knew there was opportunities we could tap into and new clients we could reach by having a social media presence. Our social pages were created at the same time Affinity Electrical started – we knew doing this was essential for our business.

What has been your approach to what you post on your social platforms?

We try to post on a regular basis and try to vary the posts that we publish.

We make a point of putting up real photos of our work rather than stock photos. We want our clients to see actual work that we have done. We also try to include photos of our team on our social media pages. We believe that by doing this, we help to build a rapport with our clients so they know what our team looks like. They won’t feel like they’re letting a total stranger into their home when we arrive.

We also try to include inspiration posts, photos of products that might interest our clients, or new products that we come across. Safety posts are also part of our approach. Electricity must be respected, so we try to educate our followers about how to stay safe around it.  

It can be hard to make electricity interesting, but we do our best!

We also make a point of responding back to those who make meaningful comments on our posts.

How has your online presence helped or impacted your business?

Social media has been good for our business. We get quite a few bookings/enquiries come through the page, probably after they read the reviews from our past customers and seen our content. Having a trade based business, we rely heavily on word of mouth, and social media makes it very easy for people to share their opinions about businesses. 

What has been the most challenging part of your business and how have you overcome it?

Challenging part of our business is getting our name out further and keeping the stream of work coming in. We are constantly trying new things and trying to increase our reach. We have started blogging in the hope of improving our website SEO. We have also set up Google My Business etc.  feels like there is always something new that we should be doing! 

What has been the most satisfying part of your business?

Most satisfying part of Affinity Electrical is being in charge of ourselves and being part of a team that we’re really proud of. Our workers are more than employees. We really value their opinions and ideas and love that they take pride in their work. There is nothing more rewarding than completing a job and having our clients appreciate our hard work.  

Affinity Electrical Gold Coast

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