Features of Instagram Creator Studio

If you’re like me, you probably have never used, or maybe even heard of Instagram Creator Studio until recently. Why is it getting so much buzz? Because of the ability to schedule Instagram content and IGTV videos ahead of time. Previously, this function was only available through the use of third party platforms.

Unfamiliar with Creator Studio and curious about its functionality, I thought I’d explore the platform and share a few features and functionality that others may find useful, especially if you use the platform for business.

To access Facebook Creator Studio go to this link: www.facebook.com/creatorstudio

You will be asked to link your business Instagram account to access the studio further. Once you’ve linked your Instagram account you will be taken to a dashboard.

Click on the Instagram icon at the top of the dashboard to access Instagram. As this post is about Instagram, we’ll be focusing on this feature of Creator Studio. Here are 4 useful features of Instagram Creator Studio:

1. Access ALL historic posts including video, photo, carousel, stories and IGTV

Creator Studio gives you a catalogue of all the content you’ve ever published on your Instagram account. This includes all format types, in the sequence of when they were posted, and the insight data attached to that content. No more looking at the Insights link on ever post to view data information, it’s all captured for you on Creator Studio.

For me, this easier accessibility is so useful. I look at every post’s Insights to understand how people are perceiving the content based on their behaviour towards posts. This makes my life easier and if you obsess at your Insights data too, you’ll be so glad to now access this data all on one screen.

2. Know when your followers are on Instagram

On the left hand side there is a menu. Select Audience and the page will refresh with data about your current followers, or your audience.

Scroll down until you see the heading, When your followers are on Instagram. Select the Day & Hour button and the graph will update showing days of the week and times of the day. You’ll notice blue boxes. Some darker than others. The darker the box, the higher number of your followers are online at that time of the day. The lighter or more transparent the box indicates the least amount of your followers are online at that time of the day. This can help you decide the optimal days and times to schedule your Instagram content.

3. Do it all from your phone or tablet

Personally, I like to create, plan and schedule social media content for FMM and my clients on a laptop. But if you’re prefer to use your phone or a tablet, there’s an app for that. Creator Studio has an app which means you can create Instagram content anytime.

Unfortunately this app is only available on iOS devices at the moment, which means there isn’t an app available for Android users.

4. Schedule Instagram posts ahead of time

Finally the functionality we’ve been waiting for Instagram to give us, is the ability to schedule content ahead of time.

To do this, select the blue Create a Post button located at the top left hand of the dashboard. Currently you have the option to create an Instagram post or IG TV video. I predict Stories will become available shortly.

Select Instagram feed and a Post to Instagram page will pop up. Enter your caption, upload your desired images and videos. As you can see I was able to upload multiple images, meaning the carousel option is available on Creator Studio.

Once you’re done you can either publish now or opt to schedule content at another day and time that is optimal for your followers.

There you have it. Some useful features of Instagram Creator Studio.

Will you be using it now that you can schedule content on this free dashboard instead of using third party scheduling tools?

New features like Creator Studio can be daunting and overwhelming especially for busy business owners. Want to learn how to navigate, use and understand Instagram Creator Studio? Why not book in a 30 minute tutorial with me and I can help you. Email me at camielle@followmemedia.com.au to schedule an in person or online training session.