Like many businesses, Covid-19 forced Follow Me Media to review its services so that our business would still be viable through and post global pandemic. We wanted to not only minimise losing more clients, but support our existing clients so they too would still be around post pandemic. In this post we share how we helped our clients so that they and our business survived covid.

Email Marketing

how-our-business-survived-covidMany of our current clients had their customer’s email addresses but they weren’t communicating directly with them.

Yes we were using their social media platforms to share what was going on with their business, but they weren’t harnessing the potential email marketing had for their business.

One of the most effective strategies to growing your business is encouraging repeat purchases. Emailing your past customers means you can build and continue to nurture your client relationship directly.

We worked with our clients to come up with an email marketing strategy. We helped our clients identify what goals they wanted to achieve and what story they wanted to share with each communication sent out. We planned a sequence of emails to be sent to their customers depending on their behaviour or response to previous emails. We suggested an appropriate and cost effective email software that met our client’s campaign and email work flow requirements.

We drafted the content of the emails for clients to review.  We uploaded our client’s customer database into the email platform. We set up the email sequence, scheduled the emails, and monitored and communicated the results.



There’s no denying video content is a great tool to increase business awareness. It has the power to hook audience as it captures their interest in the first few seconds.

We always encourage clients to approach and use the right vendors for specific skills and talent they’re seeking. So if you’re after high quality edited videos for your business, you should definitely seek a skilled videographer for this service.

However during Covid-19 we started thinking outside the box and started creating short business videos for our clients. The videos we created was a combination of our client’s current images, short videos we asked them to film with their smart phones, stock assets you can get online and utilising our own creative talents.

We believe the content, purpose, or messaging of a video is far more important than how professional or put together it looks.

CRM Analysis

Prior to starting Follow Me Media I worked in Information Technology. I’ve worked for two of the big Australian banks and large global insurers. I’ve been part of multimillion dollar project building and implementing data and process flow based platforms to be used by the general public or internal staff.

A client was onboarding a new Customer Relationship Management platform for their business. We assisted with reviewing the system to see if it meets the client’s operational needs, identifying gaps within the system so the software company can make enhancements, and providing general advice on best practice.

It was a service that I could offer because I had extensive prior experience and knowledge. It felt nostalgic doing analysis work as it reminded me of my time managing IT projects. The recent experienced made me realise although project lifecycles have changed, the relationship and communication between the developers and the business is key to building, delivering and running a successful project.

Being a business owner for the past 5 years I also have a greater appreciation of why stakeholders care so much about their processes, and making sure any technology that is being implemented to replicate a process is going to make their life easier, and can handle most of their current business processes.


If you have been wanting to try the above projects for your business but don’t know where to start, why not book a 20 minute consult to discuss your online marketing needs. Hear our approach to these particular tasks and see if we’re a fit. To book please email or complete this form here.