how to audit your social media content

Have you ever wondered whether the content you’re posting on your social media is having any effect on your business or the customers you’re trying to attract? Reviewing your content helps you evaluate whether what you’re posting is working so you can learn and discover opportunities to grow and engage your customers. In this blog post we share how to audit your social media content so you can gauge whether your content is effective.

Look back at your recent posts and ask yourself does the content do the following:

Promote your products or services without feeling salesy?

Social platforms are meant to be for socialising and interacting, not just to broadcast your latest offers and promotion, or how great your business is. When you engage with your followers on social media you can turn them from fans into customers.

But before you take, you must give. Gain the trust of your audience one post at a time. In order to sell on social media without being too salesy, you need to demonstrate that you understand your customer’s pain points and can provide answers to help.

Talk purposefully about your business

Are you adding value day to day to build trust? This means showing up consistently with purposeful posts. You need to consistently show your followers the value and benefit that your product or service provides.

Have a purpose that is aligned to your business goals?

Publishing content willy-nilly, or just for the sake of posting, won’t get you the results you need. It’s not enough to show up online and sporadically update your audience when you have the time. Instead you need to be strategic about your posts, set goals in mind so it can help you start planning out the type of content to create. Have a content calendar to help keep you on track.

Have a clear messaging that is geared towards the audience you would love to work with?

Make your ideal customer your number one priority! Understand how to persuade and speak to your targeted audience and their attitudes and behaviours towards services like yours. Show that you care, that you are honest and are genuinely interested in providing a solution to their problem. Share useful content. Answer their questions. Interact with them. Serve them.

Trigger real engagement

Are your customers responding to the content you’re posting? Do they reply with their opinions to your posts? Send you messages for private conversations or questions? Are they interacting with your account? The time you devote to building relationships with your audience can lead to a higher number of sales, increase in customer loyalty, and higher positive reviews. And we all know the more engaged your audience is, the more that other people will see your posts.

No matter where you currently stand with social media, conducting a content audit of your current efforts can help you determine what content is working, and help you determine a plan forward. Remember to continue turning up online, educating, speaking to your audience’s pain points and adding value, while sprinkling in your sales messages.

Effectively planning and creating social media content is an ongoing cycle, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you need a hand with crafting useful, original and intentional content for your business’ social platforms. Follow Me Media provides content and management services to help busy business owners. To chat about your social media needs please email or complete our online form and we’ll reach out to you.