How To Know What Social Media Help Your Business Needs

When I’m approached by businesses to help them with their social media, they’re either not very sure about what they need help with, or have a long list of digital marketing and sales ideas they want to implement, but group it all under the same “social media management” category.

Let me use an analogy. When a customer seeks assistance with landscaping, what does that help actually mean? Do they need help designing and implementing a new garden, updating or renovating a component of the area or just maintaining the existing space? Each option has different requirements and delivers different results.

Same logic applies with helping businesses with their social media. There are so many components to social media and in this blog post, I will identify the typical services businesses usually need when seeking help with their online presence. I’ll go through what problems these different services solves, how to identify whether your business qualifies for the service (or whether it’s suitable for your business), and what outcomes you should expect from the service.

Assistance With Content

Your Problem:

You’re stuck on what to post. You have ideas for content but they’re sporadic and when you do post something, you feel what you posted is not a true representation of what you were trying to achieve, or your business.

Your ideas require assistance with a specific skill to implement.


You know who your ideal customer is, so have an idea of they kind of content you want to create that will delight them and speak to them.

You understand your target market’s pain points and you realise what problems of theirs you can solve, or questions of theirs you can answer.

You know why your business is different from your competitors. You want to communicate that point of difference through your content because you want your customers to know what value they’re going to receive from you.


Let’s face it you’re not a “creative”. Your content ideas may require the talents of a graphic designer, photographer, videographer or even a copywriter to articulate your business exactly how you want it to be perceived, or to communicate your message distinctively.

You’re in the business of what you do best, and although you might be keen to learn a new skill, upskilling yourself to learn another task just takes you away from growing your business, or doing things you rather be doing.

Getting help to execute your content ideas, allows you to communicate the narrative you’ve been wanting to implement on your social platforms.

Advertising on Facebook / Instagram

Your Problem:

You see those Sponsored Posts (ads) on social media and you want to try this for your business. You press the Create Ad option on Facebook and you get taken to a completely different page. It looks like a new program with all these different options that you don’t understand. It freaks you out so you close the program all together.

You want to leverage the advertising capabilities on Facebook, because it’s the number one place to advertise today. You want to put ads on social media because you want people to discover your business.


Your business is ready to do advertising. Which means your website it complete, you may have a lead page available, your social platform accounts are set up, your Facebook pixel is installed, (this is code which sits on the back end of your website and tracks all your site visitors), you have some ideas on a few ads you want to try, and most importantly you have budget to spend on advertising.

You know your business intimately and you know the purchase journey your customers go through. So the ads you want to create will have a purpose. Whether that’s to direct more people to your website to view your products or services, promote a lead magnet to increase your email database, or and entice them with offers or promotions to generate sales.


People who may not have known your business existed will now be see ads about you while they’re online.

These intelligence on these social platform means you can even reach people who may not be even thinking about your product or service, but meet some algorithm calculation which means they’re likely to be interested at some point.

You can reach them right on their mobile devices interrupting their scrolling, making it a powerful way to connect with your potential customers.

The beauty of advertising on Facebook and Instagram is you are given data throughout the duration of the ad running. Data from ads will give you insight into the type of people responding to your ads, their behaviour and reaction to your business therefore allow you to review your business. Ads give you data feedback to help you make decisions.


Your Problem:

Your business isn’t digital, however you acknowledge being online is how business is done today.

You’re not tech savvy which means social media is way down the priority list for your business. However, you realise people are looking beyond a website to help them make decisions about businesses they’re considering. And posting regularly can give potential customers more insight into your product or service and business values.

You want to communicate a particular narrative, share your values or be more human by building connections with potential customers. However, you’ve got more pressing things on your plate to create and schedule content, or connect with customers on your social platforms.


Businesses considering social media management services realise the purpose in sharing quality content online is to strategically sell, by giving potential customers deeper insight into their business.

Your business is ready to share their story on social media. You’re ready to establish a clear strategy about what content will be posted online because your business is more than just the product or service it offers. It has real people and a purpose, and that’s why your business continues to operate day in and day out.

The outcome of social media management is to tell your story. But stories can take some time to be acknowledged. Stories need confirmation, proof and references to help validate perception and build trust. You realise and are ready to commit to the long haul that is required to become a business “overnight success” on social media.


Businesses need to recognise social platforms have evolved beyond being online places to chat or share photos with family and friends. The technology advancement in these platforms are far more superior than any marketing options available historically. However these powerful platform are constantly changing and updating their features and functionality.

Outsourcing your business’ socials is like considering whether to hire an accountant to manage your business books. Sure you can learn and manage it yourself, learning how to use particular accounting software, understand rules and regulations about business tax – or you could hire a dedicated and skilled expert. Someone who will review your business books comprehensively and using their practiced knowledge provide advice and insight into improving that area of your business.

Outsourcing the management of your social presence frees up your precious time to do the other business tasks that plays to your strengths.

Social Media Training

Your Problem:

You may have dabble in Facebook’s advertising feature before, maybe got a few new page views or likers, maybe even a few leads but you want to really understand what you’re doing.

You’re social media savvy, you’re posting frequently, using suggested hashtags and being discovered. People are respond to your content, commenting and engaging back with you, but you want to know how to convert those engagement across to sales.

You’ve done a few of those 5 Day Social Media Challenges, purchased downloadable cheat sheets, watched too many of those videos on how to become a seven figure business, and listened to so many podcasts, but you want tailored advice for your business or custom training for you.

Maybe you realise the many benefits of using social media to grow your business, but right now keeping it in house is the only option. Training you and your team will help empower your business to use social media more effectively.   


You have an idea of what you need to learn or to do to take your business’ online presence game to that next level. Whether that’s assistance with creating an online strategy so that online efforts are aligned to your business goals, identifying your target market and their purchase journey, upskill yourself or your team on the various functionality available on a social platform, how to produce simple graphics or videos for your business, or creating ads that secure bookings. You or your team want to learn and implement specific social media skills or knowledge into your business.


Getting social media training means you or your team are attend a workshop specifically created for your business. Covering topics tailored for your business and receiving suggestions specifically for your industry, delivered at a pace that suits you.

This personalised training means the teaching has been established for your business’ needs and problems, therefore delivering material and recommendations based on your business’ online pain points.

So there you have it. Those are the common services businesses likely require when they need help their online presence, and how to know what social media help you need for your business.

Which service or services does your business lean towards? Let me know in the comments.

If you identified a need with any of the services I covered in this blog post, Follow Me Media can help. Whether your business needs a hand with content, creating or understanding ads, or even interested in up skilling your team on social media, we can help your business address these. To book a quick chat about your online needs why not complete this form or drop us me an email at