Businesses today can’t ignore social media. After your website your customers will be searching for you on all the various social platforms, and statistically it’s the businesses who can be found and are posting frequent content that their audiences can related to, are the ones who gain people’s attention.

Add to that the complexities of understanding how to use the various platforms to maximise it for your business – its not wonder social media gets pushed down your business’ “things to do list”.

By outsourcing your social media you can focus on running your business knowing your online presence is being taken care of for you.

What’s included in our Social Media Management service?

  • A social media audit. We review your previous social media efforts and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

  • Revisiting your existing Social Media Strategy with you, performing a health check against your original plan.

  • Setting up or updating your social media profiles to be clear making an impactful first impression.

  • Creating a Social Media Content Schedule for the month ahead.

  • Content Curation services up to 4 hours a month.

  • Post for you on your social platforms on your behalf, a minimum of four times a week per social media platform.

  • Engaging with your target audience and followers across all social media platforms. Spending at least five hours a week purely on being social.

  • Reporting on a monthly basis, providing meaningful information collected from your social media analytics.

  • Take on your feedback to refine and improve your social media presence.