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Social Media Management

Follow Me Media understands that businesses and individuals may find social media overwhelming. With all the various social media platforms, jargon, and understanding their relevance, it’s no wonder social media gets pushed down the list of business priorities.

As individuals become more connected through social media, more businesses are tapping into this opportunity, enabling them to reach and connect with customers in a new way. Businesses can’t ignore the way social media has changed the landscape of informing, promoting and selling a product or service.

Let us manage your social media platforms and assist you with content management that creates connections within your target audience and builds a community that converts to customers.

Our social media management service includes:

  • Creating or updating your social media accounts, using profiles created through best practices.
  • Creating content for all your social media platforms that will generate reach and exposure.
  • Working closely with you to ensure the content created aligns with your business goals and values, as well as ensuring the communication with your customers is consistent with your business’ voice.
  • Monitoring and engaging with your followers across all social media platforms.
  • Providing regular reporting and statistics, feedback, identifying online trends and user response rates.
  • Providing general marketing suggestions and ideas.

Let us do what we do best – helping businesses establish their social media foot print, so you can continue to focus on what your business does best.

Your social media presence and effort should be aligned to your business goals and strategy. If you are yet to establish this for your business Follow Me Media can help with our social media strategy service.

If you would like to know more, or have a question about our management service please drop us a line at

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