Advertising on Facebook is the modern day form of putting an ad in a glossy magazine or billboard on the side of the road – except more people are likely to see it.

Thanks to social media, not only will more people see your ads, but you can control who sees it, get real time analysis about their response, which means you can alter the ads immediately – no need to wait for the next magazine or newspaper edition.

Let us help you navigate through the advertising jargon social platforms pose on business owners and help you unlock opportunities.

Let us be your marketing team!

What’s included in our Social Media Advertising service?

  • We’ll create and curate content with, and for, you.

  • We’ll test your ad and brief you on best way to maximise your advertising budget.

  • We’ll set all your social media adverts up.

  • We’ll monitor your ads to ensure they are achieving your desired outcomes.

  • We’ll provide a detailed report and analysis, as well as advice to help you make future business decisions.

Pricing Information

$50 per hour (minimum 4 hours)
This does not include budget for advertisement.
This does not include cost of external vendors such as photographer, videographer, graphic designer etc who may be required to create ads.