A business can’t approach social media like how you approach your personal social media accounts.

That’s where strategy comes in.

Why bother with a social media strategy?

Many businesses think everyone is their customer, so then why aren’t they all coming to you? You need to identify each target market and understand their thought process when considering your product or service, their emotions, their needs and their expectations. A social media strategy identifies all your various customers so you can post content that communicates directly to them on social media.

A social media strategy helps with content ideas. You can only post so many motivational quotes or food images before it gets old. When you have a clear idea of why you’re different from your competitors, what you’re trying to achieve, and who you want to attract, what to post on social media will be easy.

What’s included in our Social Media Strategy service?

  • We will facilitate workshop activities to help us understand your business’ story, your business goals and other information in order to complete your comprehensive Social Media Strategy Document.

  • We will create your business’ Social Media Strategy Document

  • We will facilitate a walk through of your Social Media Strategy Document so you don’t feel like we’ve left you reading a software license agreement.

  • You will receive soft and print copies of your reviewed and final Social Media Strategy Document.

  • Expect accountability. This is YOUR business’ social media strategy and we genuinely want to help business’ be more confident on social media and use it to its full advantage.