Most busy businesses have considered outsourcing part or all of the marketing efforts at one point. Hiring a full-time resource might not be viable right now or even suitable for your business. However, you realise that not putting any effort into marketing your business is not smart business. So you look into alternative options such as hiring a freelancer or an agency. In this blog post, I’m covering the advantages of working with a freelancer versus an agency.

Create Strong Relationships

When working with a freelancer, you have direct access to your talent. You build trust and develop a strong working relationship as you work together.

Our relationship with our clients is integral to our work, and we value it highly. We understand the risk that nothing is guaranteed, so they take nothing for granted.

You won’t get to pick who you work with when hiring an agency. The digital agency allocates a marketer to your business, and it will usually be determined based on the size of your business and the availability of their resources.

Your Success is Our Success

Freelancers genuinely want their clients to succeed. We become invested in our client’s business and genuinely care. Freelancers provide excellent service, are good communicators and want to ensure your needs are met. After all, they want you to be successful so you can recommend them to other business owners.

Individuals working within a marketing agency won’t hold themselves accountable in the same way as a freelancer would.


Freelancers are more cost-effective than hiring an employee or agency. A freelancer won’t demand a full-time, in-house salary and will have a more attractive pricing structure. You only pay for the time or services you use or the results you want. Freelancers won’t tie you into a long-term contract, making them a lower financial risk than hiring an agency. The cost of a digital agency probably includes their overhead fees such as their office rent and full-time employees.

Specialised Skill Set

Often the reason a professional chooses to become a freelancer is because they are exceptionally talented at a specific niche skill-set. For example, I’m excellent at coming up with ideas and bringing those content ideas to life on digital platforms. I’m also capable of running successful social media ad campaigns for service-based businesses.

Unlike an agency, we can’t hide behind a team – our name is all over our work. So we work hard to deliver exceptional results.

More Flexible

There is less “red tape” or gatekeeping when working with freelancers. You usually won’t have to wait long to start working together. We’re motivated because we’re doing only work we enjoy.

A good freelancer understands that one of the main reasons they get hired is an expectation of flexibility from the client. And because freelancers are often tech-savvy and able to work more efficiently, they can turn tasks around quicker.

Our flexibility also means we’re available for those periods when your business requires our services.

When it comes to a digital agency, your marketer will only be available during traditional business hours, and even then, you might be competing with other projects.


Working with freelancers and agencies both have their merits, and the decision will ultimately come down to your business goals and the kind of services you need to accomplish them. Before engaging with any services, ask yourself:

  • How do I envision the desired outcome?
  • How complex is my project?
  • What is my budget?
  • Can I or do I have an internal resource available to oversee the process?

Both freelancers’ and agencies’ goals are to provide a professional service that will take a load off your business plate.

Today in our fast-paced online environment, all businesses should consider and advantage of working with a freelancer. If you’re open to working with one to help your business with digital marketing solutions, I can help. Send me an email at or complete form here to discuss the next steps.