How to repurpose content

Did you know you could use that piece of content and repurpose it to serve multiple purposes? Repurposing content is the practice of reusing all or elements of existing content in order to reuse it for another purpose. It’s really easy to do and at the same time be beneficial to your marketing or content strategy. In this blog post we’ll be sharing how to repurpose content.

Why repurposing content is a great strategy?

Work Smarter, not Harder –  Content creation isn’t easy or cheap — it requires a lot of time and labor. So it makes sense to use existing content and see how it can be repurposed. Repurposing content to be shared on different channels will make your life easier. Save yourself time and effort by breathing new life into what you already have to serve new audiences.

It reinforces your business message – The more that people see your cohesive content consistently, the more they get to know your brand message and helps them remember what you’re known for. Repurposing content leads to consistent messaging, raising business awareness and building trust with your audience. As your audience sees a common theme across each of your channels and mediums, they’ll really start to see that you’re an expert in X, or that you are passionate about Y.

Opportunities for more people to see it – The more that you repurpose and share your content across different platforms it increases exposure to completely new audiences who might not have seen your content before. Repurposing your content into other forms allows you to redeem less successful content. An eBook that didn’t capture many leads for your business might make a good series of blog posts that drive traffic to your website.

How to choose content for repurposing?

The first and most important step to do is to analyse which are your high performing content. From this, you can determine which content your customers so you know what kind of content to repurpose.

So, how can you find this information? Check out your Analytics on Instagram for example— On your Profile, go to “Insights”, then choose “Content you Shared” and from there you can see your high performing post! Analyse the highest reach, saves, shares, and so on. You can also filter out the content type as well, like if you want to see Photos only, Videos or Carousel Posts. For Facebook, you can also explore the Insights with the Facebook Creator Studio!

Now, once you have identified at least 1-3 high performing content, here comes the next step, deciding how you’re going to recreate the content. Here are a few options:

  • Blog post – Perfect for SEO as well!
  • Newsletter – Take the important bits of information and send it right to your customer’s inbox!
  • Lead Magnet – Want to boost your mail list? Create a free eBook!
  • Video – Thinking of what video content you can try? Talk about the content you created in a Video format! It can be an IG or FB Live, IG TV, or any form of video depending on your audience! Check out our blog post about 5 Easy Video Content Ideas for more video ideas.
  • Other Social Media Channels – Turn it into a series of Tweets for Twitter, Pins for Pinterest, a post for Linkedin, or short video for TikTok or Reels

That’s just a few ways you can easily repurpose your content!

Repurposing doesn’t have to be too complicated, you just have to understand and decide which can work for your audience, and from there on you can try and experiment with repurposing!

Final tips …

  • Wait at least 1-2 weeks to see if your content is high performing.
  • Do A/B Testing as you repurpose—try switching up titles, images and call to actions.

Now that you know how to repurpose content, if it still feels like it’s overwhelming to do, we can definitely help with your whole content creation strategy!

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