Social media tips for the holidays

Social media tips for the holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But you might be worrying how do you stay on top of your social media presence during a time you or your team want to enjoy your holidays. In this blog post we share social media tips for the holidays.

Being online during the holiday period is a great opportunity to be discovered and acquire new leads and customers. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend your precious free time creating content and posting.

Here are 4 ways you can minimise social media overwhelm during the holidays.

Batch content and plan ahead

Plan ahead your campaigns, so you can create and batch content early! Schedule everything ahead of time, so you won’t waste time posting in the middle of the holiday! Always remember: preparation is the key to success!

Use free tools like Facebook Creator to schedule your Facebook and Instagram content ahead of time.

Keep it festive, curate content from your customers

To maintain the festive feels for the next remaining weeks, curate content that your customer will enjoy and love. You can post gift ideas, or something related to navigating through the holidays, a meme, and so on. Share something personal or behind-the-scenes as well, like putting up your Christmas tree or some vacation snaps (also a great way to ask your audience what they’re up to the holiday season!).

Address and answer your customer’s common questions about your business

Think of all the common questions your potential and current customers ask and why turn them into content posts doing a series of FAQ Content? This way you can sell yourself without doing the sales pitch! Focus on helpful content.

Create exclusive holiday promotions and deals

There is a ton of noise for social media advertising during the holidays to content with because of the nature of this period, with customers open to spending their money. So letting your business social media pages go dark during the holidays isn’t a good idea.

Reward your followers or curious customers with incentives to secure or inquire your services. For example, free no obligation home appraisals for real estate offices. For project based businesses, a discount for jobs secured and deposit paid before Christmas. Or for clinics or service based businesses, gift vouchers that can be purchased and given to friends who may be needing your services.


Take the pressure off.
Got lots of projects and deadlines between now and Christmas, and content for your socials and marketing is one business tasks you don’t want to even think about right now? Outsource the work to social media businesses like us here at Follow Me Media whose services are being online for businesses who aren’t digital marketing savvy. Delegate your social media marketing needs so you can focus more on your business and your holidays.


Ignoring your social media during the holiday season is a missed opportunity to connect with your customers.

Take advantage of the holiday period without compromising your own fun by having a plan around your online presence during the holiday period. Automate your social media by taking advantage of free tools, or outsource so you can focus on running your business without ignoring this opportunity.