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5 Tips For Creating a Great Instagram Bio

By now most businesses have realised the power Instagram has in creating brand awareness. Your Instagram bio appears under your profile photo. Your bio (and your profile image) is your first impression. When users stumble across your profile, they’re deciding whether they should follow you or not. Your bio is your initial opportunity to introduce […]

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Set 100 Day Goals

All businesses have goals. You wouldn’t start one unless there was a “reason”, a “why”. Whatever your reasons, your motivations for pursuing your business you need to write them down. Why because it helps you with making decisions, stirs you in the right direction, and sometimes you just need to be reminded why you started. […]

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How Will The New Instagram Algorithm Affect Me?

On March 15th 2016, Instagram announced on it’s blog changes to its news feed algorithm. No longer will we see posts/images in reverse-chronological order, but instead implement a Facebook-esque style feed. This new algorithm will populate your feed with photos and videos in order of what the site believes you’ll engage with the most based […]

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Things That Used To Be Cool On The Internet

I firmly believe my generation has helped establish the landscape and consumption of the internet today. When I was in primary school computers were starting to become an affordable purchase for the average family, and by the time I was in high school, Computer Studies was a subject that was being taught, teaching us the […]

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Why Outsource Your Social Media?

“Isn’t it just posting pictures online?” is usually the question I get when I suggest outsourcing their social media to a business. Like any job it’s a little more than just that. Social media, it’s very much a part of everyday life in today’s generation and as a business, you need to leverage it to market your business. So why should a […]

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Should You Like Your Own Posts?

If you haven’t already noticed, you don’t see everything your friends post on Facebook. Why? Because of this Facebook algorithm called Edgerank. Instead of seeing all the activity of all your friends, you only see a select few (selected by Facebook of course) pop up on your news feed. Usually friends that don’t “Like” or comment on your posts […]

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Why You Need To Build An Online Community

“Online community” it’s become a bit of a buzz word hasn’t it? But what does it mean and why is it important? Your online community are the people who give your product or service a voice. They speak on your behalf – promoting, sharing and clarifying information about your business. Their common interest is you, they […]

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